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Welcome to Chinwag!

Consider Chinwag to be your friendly, local pub. Make yourself at home, bring your friends, have a good time! Meet new people, have a laugh, enjoy the ambience, and the Oxford commas.
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Ready for a Chinwag?

We have many tools to help you chat with your friends! One day we’ll tell you about them here!

What is all this?

I guess this would be a great place to explain stuff!


Happy 4th Birthday!

I’m just scraping in with about an hour to spare here – I planned a much bigger post, with lots of reflection about where we’ve been and where we’re going.

Three Years of Chinwag!

It’s been three whole years since the final part of the “How to set up a public XMPP server” series of articles that Chinwag was the example for was published, and it went live.

Chinwag Social

The initial version of our local user guide for Chinwag Social, our Mastodon instance, is now live.

Getting Strict

From this week, we will be getting very strict about the standards of services we federate with. Invalid or expired certificates will no longer be accepted and support for some older encryption standards will be dropped.