Happy 4th Birthday!

I’m just scraping in with about an hour to spare here – I planned a much bigger post, with lots of reflection about where we’ve been and where we’re going. A summary of some notable events maybe … but today turned out to be really busy and lots of work happened instead. Anyway, today marks four years of Chinwag’s XMPP service being up, and next month we’re coming up on two years of our Mastodon instance being live.

Three Years of Chinwag!

This is just a really quick post because it’d suck to not post this on May 13, and there’s only three hours of that left where I’m sitting. Happy Birthday, Chinwag! It’s been three whole years since the final part of the “How to set up a public XMPP server” series of articles that Chinwag was the example for was published, and it went live. We gained a few users quite rapidly, and kept updating and adding features to stay on top of developing standards and keeping the best chat clients as well supported as possible.

Happy Birthday!

It’s now one whole year since I opened ChinWag to the public. As a result I’ve met some great people, chatted with a bunch of you from all over the world in the Lobby channel, and learned a lot about many topics. I did kind of want to write a more substantial post this week, about future plans and cool projects I’ve been looking at, how to have a properly secure conversation with someone … oh so many topics and so little time.